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Busy Mom Popsicles

Mom confession here: I wish I did half of the things I pin on Pinterest but goodness do those people not ever get tired?! So while I would love to be little miss perfect, I’m not but hey I manage. I may not be perfect but I have been paying much more attention to my family’s overall health lately so I decided to dive in and attempt healthy popsicles. My random spontaneity meant that I didn’t use a recipe so here it goes!

I picked up coconut water (I went for the one with pineapple as well since I’m not a huge fan of coconut water plain) and mangoes at the grocery store. Then I swung by the dollar store for popsicle molds.

I cut up the mango in rough pieces then filled each mold about half way although I think next time I’ll do more, then I just filled the rest of the space with the coconut water, popped the tops on the mold and let it sit overnight.

This was Avery’s first time having popsicles and they were a huge hit with both her and Mike and I!


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